Assaf advanced recycling solutions

פירוק ופינוי מפעלים

What we do

Our company specializes in waste management solutions for companies.

We fit recycling bins for evacuate of waste and managing the waste for maximum efficiency in recycling management for factories and business around the world.

The company takes care for all metal, electronics buying and shredding computerize media such as electronic card and copper cables. Industrial waste of car manufactures automobile industries and more.

We provide other services of disassembly of factories, evacuation of factories and industrial structures including industrial machines.

אודות אסף פתרונות מיחזור

Our advantages – Your success

We are located in a strategic location in the center of Israel, near to Ben-Gurion airport and close to main roads, which allow us access to sea harbor as needed.

The company provides services a wide range of factories and industries in Israel and abroad which demand professional continues service for collecting waste, in doing so the company helps for a better cleaner environment.

 Assaf advanced recycling solutions gives higher priority for the environment and for sustainability.

Assaf advanced recycling solutions work under all needed license and permits to practice in waste management and recycling.

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